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VISEON is a exportation accelerator for high-quality manufacturing companies in the automotive industry.

VISEON cooperates intensively with several carefully selected Local Automotive Manufacturers to develop close, value-adding commercial relationships that reinforce the competitiveness of the our Partners togetherin global  automotive aftermarket.

VISEON Partners are selected and classified according to numerous qualitative and quantitative criteria.

The aim is to create a competitive circle of Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Platform per product category.

Our Services

We generate business opportunities around the World.

Export is a critical tool for companies that want to expand and be localize in foreign markets in the globalizing world. Business development and export consultancy has also gained importance with the increase in export activities and companies in foreign markets. We have a roadmap that we have experienced in national and international projects for over 15 years in order to present this to your company in the most appropriate way.

Current Exportation-Market Status Analysis

Competitor and Price Analysis in Target Markets

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Analysis and Development of Product Marketing and Promotional Materials

Target Market Analysis and Potential Customer Analysis

Potential Customer Interviews and New-Market Entry

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